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WSU Student Has Dedication, Will Travel

By Kailey Howell

Wayne State University

Com 2100, Sept. 18, 2017

One hard working and passionate Wayne State University student has her dreams set. Plus, she has the character to make it come true. Olivia Netza is 22 years old from Sterling Heights, Michigan. She is currently a political science and English major while pursuing a broadcast journalism minor at Wayne State University.

When asked about her choice in degrees she says, “I didn’t want to be a lawyer, but I was into law, so I became a political science major.”

Olivia’s close friend Natalie Steenbergh states, “I would describe Olivia as very opinionated. She is very political and even though we have different political views, I always love her perspective. I respect her opinion and she is very intelligent.”

She is pursuing a journalism minor because she believes that anyone can write. However, a journalism education provides more experience and job opportunities.

Netza is taking the course Com 2100 in order to fulfill a requirement for a journalism minor. She has some journalism and public relation experience. She works as an assistant at her Mom’s floral shop. She runs the store’s social media. She is also the store’s photographer.

Aside from work, Netza’s family has played a role in shaping her dreams for a career. Olivia is the fifth out of her seven siblings. Her family is large but close.

As a child, Netza traveled frequently with her family. Her twin sister Tabitha Netza recalls traveling with her sister, and states, “Everywhere we go is just as memorable as the last and we always do everything together.”

Olivia Netza aims to have a career that requires her to travel. A crucial part of her life is traveling. She hopes to incorporate that into her future. One place she is interested in traveling to is Thailand. She is very interested in the politics and culture of the country. She has studied it in her various political science courses.

Netza’s friends and family support her dreams of traveling. Steenbergh states, “I haven't [traveled] as much as Olivia but I really want her to go to Italy, mostly just because I want to go there.”

Tabitha Netza states, “I really want her to get the chance to go to Scotland. She's been wanting to go for the longest time and almost went with another sister of mine but that sister backed out last minute so Olivia didn't go.”

Netza is a student who is following her dreams. Her friends and family believe she has the dedication to make them come true.









Source List

Natalie Steenberg, Natalie attends Wayne State University and is a close friend of Olivia Netza.


Tabitha Netza, +1 (828) 217-8856. Tabitha is Olivia Netza’s twin sister.

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