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  • Kailey Howell

Hello, it's me - the girl who is always working

I would say I am that friend. The one who is always working, always coming up with a new passion project, always striving to create.

The thing is - it's hard to avoid work when your job is your passion. I love what I do - and I say that whole heartedly. Is that really a bad thing?

In October of 2019, Oxford University published a study that concluded happy workers are more productive.

"Arguably, one of the biggest advantages you can have over your competition is actually enjoying what you do," says Jason Selk in his article for Forbes titled The Secret Advantage Is Loving Your Job.

"Loving your job is not just an added bonus to success, but actually an important precursor," he says. "If you enjoy what you do, working at it is easier, and your motivation to improve is somewhat innate, rather than forced."

That being said, I may be busy. I might find myself burnt out at times. But it is 100% worth it to spend my days doing something I am passionate about.

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